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Job Title Chief Financial Officer
Nationality Saudi
Job Objective
Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is responsible for critical functions within finance department and
capable of monitoring and assisting employees in the department, and also he is responsible to
provide the financial reports in the right time to assist Management, investor and stakeholders` to
make the right decision in the right time.
Key Duties & Responsibilities
Managerial Responsibilities:
 Direct and manage direct employees in performing their roles, responsibilities and delegated tasks.
 Conduct performance evaluation reviews for direct reports, identify and ensure they acquire the required
managerial or functional skills and knowledge.
 Provide input in setting the Department’s annual budget, in accordance with the Group’s strategic goals and
 Exercise financial policies and procedures and other internal control systems at all levels within the company.
Manage relation and coordination of internal audit functions either within the Group.
 Create a productive and healthy work environment within the Department, and foster high attention to details and
efficient knowledge transfer among employees.
Functional Responsibilities:
 Oversee the finance organization’s operations, including management and operations accounting, to provide
guidance to their overall operations.
 Review the consolidated financial plan to ensure its alignment with SKFH’s strategic objectives, and provide
recommendations to management.
 Ensure financial statements are prepared on timely bases. Ensure compliance with the reporting requirements.
 Identify major problem in all areas of accounting, reporting, taxation, or compensation in order to develop
adequate solutions.
 Develop benchmarks to measuring the financial and operating performance of the department.
 Analyse the effect of proposed changes of basic corporate policy, government agreements and laws, on the
financial functions of SKFH.
 Take appropriate actions based on public accountants’ observations concerning internal controls, accounting
procedures and other related matters.
 Ensure financial reports are consistent with management requirement for monitoring performance and decision
making. Ensure availability of segment and cost / revenue centres reporting.
Chief Financial Officer
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 Prepare / review financial reporting packages of CMA, Board of Directors and other.
 Coordinate with external auditors for annual audit time schedule. Review annual audited financial statements.
 Prepare / review annual budget in coordination with business and support units. Exercise control over budget
spending. Alert management for budget overrun and seek approval for exceeding budget as deemed necessary.
 Prepare / review monthly and annual zakat and tax declarations along with all supporting documents and analysis.
Ensure timely and proper reporting to department of zakat and income tax.
 Ensure compliance with policies and procedures, systems of internal controls.
 Perform any job-related activities as requested by the immediate supervisor/manager.
Working Relationships / Communication
Internal Communication Purpose
1. Chief Executive Officer  Report and refer to on a regular basis.
2. SKFH Management Committee
 Manage financial position and performance.
 Ensuring comprehension and compliance to internal
financial controls.
3. Audit  Validate the adequacy of internal controls.
External Communication Purpose
1. External Auditors
 Ensure that International Accounting Standards are
applied accurately to financial reports and
internal controls.
2. Ministry of Commerce, Finance and other Saudi
Government entities
 Comply with National Standards, Zakat, Taxation,
accounting regulations and address pertinent issues.
Job Specifications
Minimum Job Qualifications Requirement (Academic, training, languages, etc.)
 Bachelor degree in Finance, Accounting, Business Administration or any related field.
 Master’s in Business Administration is preferred.
 CPA/CFA (or equivalent) is preferred.
 Ability to lead teamwork within financial control department.
 Adequate knowledge of applicable accounting standards.
 Ability to coordinates the linked work between finance department and other departments.
 Ability to develop and improve the team within finance department.
Minimum Work Experience:
 Fifteen (15) years of experience in a similar po

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