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Job Purpose:

Acquisition: Acquire Citigold customers.
A Citigold customer is a customer who maintains an average account balance in excess of USD 200,000, via deposits, savings or investments through Citibank

Job Background/context:

The primary role is to expand the high net-worth client base and balance sheet, by acquiring new-to-bank Citigold customers through external and internal referrals.
The person will also be responsible for identifying any existing Citiblue clients who can be upgraded to Citigold, by upsizing current funding

Key Responsibilities:

Jointly work with the Acquisition Head and Branch Banking Staff for identifying and acquiring Citigold new-to-bank customers, as also upgrading existing Citiblue customers to Citigold

Identify and solicit new-to-bank Citigold customers, through internal and external channels
Assist client in opening Citigold account in U.A.E. or in an offshore location(Singapore/London/Jersey), as per the clients individual preference
Actively promote referrals from existing clients to generate a pipeline of Citigold prospects.
Upgrade existing Citiblue relationships to Citigold by upsizing current funding and deepening the relationship.
Convert the leads sent by the Telesales Unit / other channels into funded Citigold Accounts
Actively engage with high payroll clients for conversion into funded Citigold status
Optimise funded Citigold opportunity in listed payroll companies
Ensure updation of complete KYC details for the originated accounts
Attract an investment client base through relationship management, both by responding to internal referrals and pro-active self-driven business development.
Spearhead any micro marketing events focussed on NTB acquisition.
Work with the product team, telemarketing to identify initiatives and products that will help acquire new customers for the Bank.
Clear the Investment/Insurance certifications.
Assist a Citigold client in meeting any identified investment and insurance financial need by referring him to on Investment Professional.
Keep abreast of current economic environment and capital markets, so as to have meaningful discussions with Citigold NTB prospects and optimise acquisition effectiveness.
Deliver on the score card parameters for improving NTB acquisition, Client Penetration, qualified CM base, profiling etc.
Joint meetings with the Unit Head to be done regularly with call reporting tracking.
Deliver consistent and best-in-class customer service
Meet the compliance and controls standards set by the Citigroup

Development Value:

The eligible candidate will be able to have a career path growing into a Citigold RM or within the Sales and Distribution roles and use his acquired knowledge on products and client experience.

Person Specification


3-5 years experience preferably in the financial services industry
Either prior experience of acquiring high-net-worth clients (Priority Banking / SME Banking) or prior experience in investment products, such as, Mutual Funds, Insurance, equity, fixed-income (bonds) will be preferred.
Other Industry relevant sales experience such as real estate / Assets experience can be considered


Excellent teamwork skills in order to cater to the varied investment understanding and support requirement of customers and prospects
Basic analytical skills required to comprehend research and performance reports and to interpret them to offer most suitable products for customer profile.
High sales drive and energy levels. Ability to thrive in a high-pressure environment by demonstrating leadership and selling skills.
Ability to nurture and build strong relationships with customers.


Bachelor degree/ MBA


Selling skills
Team work
Business awareness
Initiative and commitment to achieve
Influence and negotiation
Job Details
Seniority Level
Mid-Senior level

Financial Services Banking Investment Banking
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